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12mm Thick


Ceralsio is a beautiful, hard-wearing and versatile range of ceramic surfaces, built for the demands of modern living.

Thanks to its lack of pores, Ceralsio is completely impermeable and highly stain resistant. Its many benefits also includes a strong resistance to scratch, heat and wear and tear. As a very hard material it is suitable for kitchen and bathroom countertops, flooring and wall-cladding. Its colour and texture remain unchanged even when Ceralsio is used outdoors, since it can withstand the effects of ultra-violet rays without its surface appearance being altered in any way.

Ceralsio has been developed by using the highest grade of ceramic material. The selection and fusion of the purest of materials, compacted at a force of 4,000 kg/m2 and sintered at temperatures of over 1200°C make it a porcelain surface. The highly innovative manufacturing process creates unique, unrepeatable finishes can be achieved, thanks to the use of the high-precision “Full Digital” printing system.

Thanks to its properties, Ceralsio guarantees versatile, eco-friendly, innovative surfaces that help to make life easier and more convenient.

Ceralsio is available in a large range of colours, three finishes (natural, textured and polished) and comes with a thickness of only 12mm - for that ultra-modern look.

Resistant to wear and tear

Thanks to Ceralsio technical characteristics, this is the most highly resistant countertop on the market, ideal for use indoors and out.

Highly scratch resistant

Food can be cut directly on top of the surface without it being damaged. Even so, ceramic cutting boards, like Ceralsio, or boards made of other materials should be used for cutting.

Stain resistant

Ceralsio is not affected by products like solvents, detergents, bleach, oil, vinegar or citrus juice, provided that the stains are cleaned away within 24 hours.

Heat resistant

It does not burn or give off smoke or toxic substances when exposed to high temperatures. Hot cooking utensils like frying pans or saucepans can be rested on its surface without it being damaged

Resistant to ultra-violet rays

Ceralsio surfaces are colourfast despite the passing of time, even when used outdoors.

Impact resistant

Ceralsio has a high resistance to knocks and impacts by everyday objects or utensils. (Everyday objects found in kitchens, restaurants, laboratories etc)

Resistant to frost and ice

Its low water absorption rate of less than 0.2% makes it ideal for outdoor environments where frost and ice is common.

Easy to clean and care for

No extra care or special products are needed to clean it. Stains can be removed with water or mild cleaning products


Because it is a non-porous surface, the build-up of bacteria or mould is prevented, and food can be placed in direct contact with it.

Bending strength

It can withstand a high weight without bending or becoming deformed, with the entire surface remaining flat.


10 Year Warranty

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CRL Ceralsio Sample Service

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