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Modern Kitchen Design: The Key Trends for 2020

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

The mixing of styles, materials and texture remains the dominant trend in modern kitchen design. Where metallics, stones, concretes and woodgrains can all be used together to create a tactile and striking space. Textured oaks are still a popular choice of woodgrain, but the demand for the rich warmth of walnut will continue to grow. Matt greys are now delving into the darker end of the spectrum, with graphite grey proving to be especially popular. In terms of colour; dark blues are still popular, and various greens are becoming increasingly desirable.

Handleless base and wall cabinets are now being teamed with tall cabinets that are furnished with tactile handles - such as knurled satin brass or distressed pewter - adding more texture and character to the kitchen design.

White marble, in its various forms, continues to dominate. From the subtlety of Carrara marble, through to the more dramatic marble varieties of Calacatta & Statuario; marble adds drama to any kitchen, and works beautifully with rich walnuts, concretes and greys. We will also see black marble increasing in popularity - for frontals, as well as worktops.

Kitchen spaces are no longer a place exclusively for cooking; they are places to cook, dine, socialise and catch-up with the family - an open space, seamlessly providing an area for each activity. Open-plan living encourages interaction and conversation, it brings family and friends together and helps us achieve a healthy work-life balance. It is also responsible for many 'domino' trends: open shelving, indoor gardens, and coordinating dining tables and breakfast bars, to name but a few.

In a world where we are constantly interacting with the smooth screens of our smart-phones, tablets and in-car controls; we are beginning to crave the touch and feel of differing textures. And the stark minimalism we saw at the turn of the millennium, has gradually been replaced with a warmer, more comforting and inclusive aesthetic.

Craig Cooper

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